Are You An Effective Preacher? Think Through The Following Questions:


Am I Called

Are you an effective preacher? This is a helpful list that Dave Harvey provides in his book Am I Called? The Summons To Pastoral Ministry.

  1. The gospel factor: Does the man’s preaching move people toward the gospel?
  2. The Bible factor: Does he haven an aptitude for doctrine? Does he exegete Scripture competently?
  3. The eagerness factor: Do people get excited when they hear he’s scheduled to preach?
  4. The people factor: Does he communicate in a way that helps people? Do people say they feel like he understands then and relates the Bible to the issues they’re facing?
  5. The cohesive factor: Are his messages clear and easy to follow?
  6. The guest factor: Are visitors inclined to come back and hear him preach? Do his sermons make the gospel clear to unbelievers?

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