{New Post} Christians Should Take Unity Seriously

Taking Doctrine Seriously

  1. Christian unity is both a present gift and future goal. “Christian unity is the state of being united to, alive in, and governed by, Jesus Christ our living Lord, in company with all other Christians, past and present, those now with Christ in the heavenly Jerusalem of Hebrews 12:22 and those on earth with us today” (61).
  2. Christian unity is bounded by revealed truth. Put simply, “what God thinks and says is for the Christians to absolutely standard of truth” (61).
  3. Expressing Christian unity in human life requires a substantial sharing of Christian hope and a principled practice of Christian love. This unity must be “practiced responsibly, in light of what God has told us in Scripture and shown us in Christ about his ideal standards for human living” (63).
  4. Practicing Christian unity in congregational life requires patient effort and active sharing at all times. This involves pursuing peace and the practicing fellowship with other Christians (64).

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