5 Helpful Practices When Praying With Others


Prayer together remains a vital means of God’s ongoing grace in the Christian life and for our communities.

In Habits of Grace Mathis gives 5 principles when praying with others I found helpful and wanted to pass on.

  1. Make it regular. Let pray become a regular part of the landscape of your life with family and friends.
  2. Start with Scripture. “We inhale the Scriptures and exhale in prayer” (111).
  3. Limit share time. Many Christians are familiar with “sharing time” that can eat into the actual time of prayer.
  4. Encourage brevity and focus. “Encourage short, focused prayers and perhaps even include an explicit seasons of one-sentence praises or thanks which can encourage more people to participate” (111).
  5. Pray without show, but with others in mind. Praying with others isn’t about impressing others but for “gathering others up with us in our praises, confessions, thanksgivings, and requests” (112).

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