10 Discipleship Questions by Dr. Chuck Lawless to think through for 2017

What a great word by Dr. Chuck Lawless on specific questions to think through in order to be more intentional in your walk with Jesus in 2017! Love this!

Original post can be viewed here.

For years, I have set goals for the new year during the first week of December. Tomorrow is the first day of December 2016. Setting goals this next week will give me a few weeks to pray about and prepare for meeting those goals. Maybe these questions will help you in setting goals for 2017:

  1. What will be my Bible reading plan for 2017?  I’m still trying to decide. What suggestions do you have?
  2. What specific step will I take in the new year to love my family better?  If I don’t make intentional plans, I’ll let my relationships slide into mediocrity.
  3. On what non-believer(s) will I focus my prayers and evangelistic efforts in 2017? For years, my first focus has been my mother and sister. They will remain at the top of my list this next year unless God saves them in the next few weeks. I’m not giving up hope.
  4. In whom will I invest my life as a disciplemaker this next year? I always want to have at least 2-3 particular mentee possibilities in mind as I start a new year.
  5. What sin will I fight the hardest to overcome in the new year? I’m hardly perfect, but I can’t allow that admission to lessen my commitment to live in obedience. Every year should begin with repentance and end with my being more like Christ.
  6. What will be my giving and saving goals for 2017? I tend to spend spontaneously, so I need clear commitments for the next year. Establishing both giving and saving goals forces me to consider how selfish I can be.
  7. When will I fast regularly next year? Obviously, I believe Christ expects His followers to fast. For that reason, I want to start the year with a plan for obedience.
  8. What mission trip(s) will I take in 2017? I don’t always know exact opportunities and locations at this point, but I can still commit to taking a certain number of trips. My goal is to be on the field at least twice each year.
  9. What books will I finally read next year? They’ve been on the stack for too long. Now’s the time to get them on the schedule.
  10. Am I committed to follow God in 2017 – regardless of the sacrifice or cost? It’s easy to answer this question as long as the price I pay is minimal. I reconsider the question each year, though, because only God knows what the next year will bring.

What questions would you add to this list?

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