D-Group thoughts from this morning’s time w/Mark Nelson, John DeKatch and Scott Weinerberger

Every other Wednesday I meet w/these brothers to walk through the Scriptures, share verses we’ve memorized, walk through Growing Up, confess sin and encourage one another to love Jesus, our bride, family, church family and the lost well.
Here are some thoughts from this morning’s time with Mark, John and Scott:
1) Scott — it’s interesting that the word Christian in the NT is used 3x whereas the word disciple is used 269x in the NT. It begs the question are you being discipled and discipling others?
2) Mark — commenting on the illustration that if you knew you had the cure for cancer wouldn’t you tell everyone, he said this, “the problem w/that illustration is that everyone knows cancer leads to death; it’s a known problem. For most people they don’t believe in the reality of sin and the consequence sin brings. God has to open their eyes.” So. Stinking. True.
3) John — commenting on the statement, “many Christian are birthed into the family of God and then abandoned,” he said that has to be our aim/responsibility of coming alongside new believers to teach them how to walk w/Jesus.
Also, these thoughts:
What is confession? Confession is agreeing w/God or thinking the same thing about sin as God does. What do you need to agree w/God about in your life? What do you need to confess?
What is accountability? Chuck Swindoll described accountability as, “opening one’s life to a few carefully selected, trusted, loyal confidants who speak the truth — who have the right to examine, to question, to approve and give counsel.

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