Family is good for my soul.


I’m writing this short little post on December 28, 2016 while in Kentucky with family for vacation. Spending time with family presents many opportunities. One is the opportunity to deepen relational in-roads with one another and another is to create relational rifts with one another (unintentionally or intentionally). To see that I pursue the former and not the latter, I’ve been praying regularly that I would put on humility and kindness (Col 3:12-13) and be a blessing to my family. We all have differences. Some of those differences are small, while others are big. Some are trivial, while other are serious. Despite our differences, here’s what I’ve purposed in my heart to do: love them and love them well.

I’ve not always been very good at this. In fact, I’m grieved to say that many times I’ve forgotten Paul’s words in Ephesians 4:15 where he writes that we should speak the truth in love. And while I’m a firm believer in holding fast to truth of the gospel and all of the theological truths that flow from that message (Phil 2:16) I’m trying to be more conscious of loving my family well by listening and being attentive, by engaging, by giving the benefit of the doubt, by not focusing on all of the preferences and differing values (that many times are significant) but to be kind, be humble and give grace.

I found my time with family to be a joy. I’ve laughed and done so often. I’ve cried regularly as we’ve reflected on past memories and experiences. I’ve found a sympathy for them that at times was missing in my interaction with them or because I was simply too prideful to give it. I’ve found that family is unbelievably good for my soul.

Take a moment to let your family know you love them. Send a note, text message or pick up the phone to call. Family is one of the many graces of God in my life and I’m thankful.

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