4 Questions to spots idols in your heart.

Rico Tice evangelism

  1. What do you daydream about? Your idols are the things that, in reality, you most care about having, increasing, or keeping.
  2. What do you fear losing or can’t imagine living without?
  3. What do you pray about? Often, what we pray about most is a functional god in our life.
  4. What do you need in life that, if you get it, means you’ll live for God?

My tendency is to read through lists like the one above quickly without giving much thought to what’s going on in my heart. My encouragement would be to ask God to search out your heart and find anything unclean in it (Psalm 139:23). Confess it to God (i.e. agree w/what God says about your sin – James 5:16). Repent of it (Romans 2:4). Believe in the work of Jesus (John 3:18). Rest in the forgiveness that is yours (Hebrews 10:12).

Taken from Rico Tice’s book Honest Evangelism

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