{New Post} Thanking God for his greatness and beauty is one reason you were created – Pastor John Piper

thank you

John Piper said that, “God made the world to communicate His glory,” but what does this mean?

It means to communicate the greatness and beauty of his manifold perfections. He goes on to say, “and he made me to experience his glory, and through this experience to glorify and thank him. I am created to magnify the glory of God – not the way a microscope magnifies (making small things look bigger than they are), but the a telescope magnifies (making things that appear small to the world look as gigantic as they really are). And I know intuitively that thanking God is a way of glorifying him. God’s glorious beneficence is magnified in my humble, dependent, thankful witness to his goodness to me.

This was taken from John Piper’s book A Peculiar Glory: How The Christian Scriptures Reveal Their Complete Truthfulness

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