Worth a Look: Andy Naselli and Jason DeRouchie

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I’m happy to see a good bit of traffic early in the life of this website. That people are taking the time to visit and look at the material we are producing is both exciting and terrifying. May the Lord keep us from error, help us create worthwhile content, and edify all of us along the way.

Given the seemingly endless websites a person could visit, it might be helpful to direct you to websites that we’ve benefited from. You can check out our slowly growing Recommended Resources page here. Beyond that, I’ll highlight two websites that have helped me (Jonathon).



Andy and Jason both serve as professors at Bethlehem College & Seminary.

Dr. DeRouchie (Ph.D. SBTS) serves as professor of OT and biblical theology. I had the privilege of serving as Dr. DeRouchie’s teaching assistant for a bit while in seminary and grew to love his careful reading of the Bible and deep affection for our Lord. His OT lectures are particularly worth your time.

Dr. Naselli (Ph.D. Bob Jones; Ph.D. TEDS) serves as professor of NT and biblical theology at Bethlehem College & Seminary. Andy is one of the brightest evangelical scholars of our day and it was a joy to have him as a professor while in seminary.

Both of these men display a carefulness of thought that I’ve rarely encountered. Anything they put online is worth your time.

One thought on “Worth a Look: Andy Naselli and Jason DeRouchie

  1. Hey Jonathan!!! I sure appreciated your comments on your blog activity being exciting and at the same time terrifying!!! Love you guys and super proud of you!!!

    Tracy Millican. Sent from my Button IPhone


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