Worth a Look Wednesday

Back again on this Wednesday, here are some links for your encouragement and edification:

Ask Ligonier: A Place for Answers – This remarkable new feature from Ligonier Ministries offers the ability to ask any theological question anytime of day and have real live answers from qualified men and women.

How Can I Best Support My Pastor – In this short video, Ligon Duncan gives some practical ways church members can support their pastors. Nothing here is earth shattering of new but this is what makes it all the more encouraging. You can be a help to your pastor in such simple ways!

Q&A Videos from Phillip Jensen – I first heard Phillip Jensen at T4G a couple of years ago. He is a refreshing voice who speaks with a fresh, clear, and encouraging voice.

The Staggering Consequences of Neglecting Your Bible – What do we lose if we are not faithfully digging in to the Scriptures on a regular basis?


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