Worth a Look Wednesday (Late Night Edition!)

I just got back in to town from a conference in Minneapolis where my heart was encouraged, my mind was challenged, and I was able to re-connect with old friends while also connecting with new ones. Here’s my brief exhortation to you: Go to conferences! Take people from your church! And take as many opportunities as you can to meet new people and create connections. It will serve you well!

Here’s a late night edition of this week’s Worth a Look Wednesday:

She is Broken and She is Beautiful – A wonderful look at the joys and struggles of being a part of a local church. It is a bit longer but well worth the read!

Comfort is a Deadly Compass – Erik Raymond writes with clarity and poignancy. I have often thought that I had missed God’s will because I was uncomfortable where He had me at the time. Erik offers sound help here.

Why Forgiven Pastors Should be Forgiven but Not Restored to the Pulpit – It happens: pastors fail and lose their ministries. But what should happen next? Is their ministry done? How can they serve in the church going forwards? Jonathan Leeman provides answers to some of these important questions.

Are There Degrees of Reward and Punishment in Heaven and Hell? – This was a question I wrestled with for a long time earlier in my Christian life. Dr. Wellum gives a thoughtful response to the question in this 7 minute video.

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