Encouragement for individuals struggling w/depression; 7 principles for receiving correction; 3 reasons to hire women in the local church


Each Wednesday Jonathon, Dustin, and I post a “Worth Your Look” of some resources we would like to commend to you. Here is this weeks:

  1. 9 verses to shine the light of hope and encouragement for individuals struggling with depression. We’re not advocating these verses are a panacea to depression, but our hope and prayer is that they bring encouragement to an otherwise discouraging set or circumstances. Read here.
  2. Receiving and giving correction is a discipline that many are not skilled in…and truth be told, most of us would rather become proficient in other areas! Here’s a post that was published on this blog many months ago that I’ve gone back and read, which has benefited my soul. Read here.
  3. This is a helpful article on 3 reasons to hire women to do ministry in the local church. Read here.

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