Worth a Look: Jason DeRouchie on the Old Testament; The Best Case for Cessationism; God Knows What You Don’t Have; ETS and the Holy Spirit


Here are several things we believe are worth a look:

  1. Jason DeRouchie, professor of Old Testament and Biblical theology at Bethlehem College & Seminary and my (Jonathon) favorite Old Testament theologian, gives us ten reasons the Old Testament is important for Christians today.
  2. Andrew Wilson, a convinced continuationist, gives high praise for a new book by Dr. Tom Schriener in which Schreiner argues for a chastened form of cessationism. This is an important topic today. Wilson and Schreiner, along with Sam Storms and Ligon Duncan, will engage one another at the Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting next week in Denver. I’m excited to attend and listen in as these godly and astute men talk about this complex issue.
  3. Abigail Dodds provides some wise words of meditation on the goodness and wisdom of God.
  4. Next week, as mentioned above, thousands of scholars (and wannabe’s like me) will descend on the city of Denver to listen to presentations/research on a whole host of topics. The overarching theme for this year is The Holy Spirit. To get a glimpse of the types of things you can hear while there, check out the program app.

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