Worth a Look: Greenway to lead SWBTS; Should Women Preach Sermons?; Complementarian Foundations; Lamenting Jonathan Edwards


Here are a few articles we believe are worth a look.

  1. Dr. Adam Greenway is the new president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Importantly, Greenway will take Dr. Randy Stinson from Southern Seminary with him. Stinson will serve as the new provost of SWBTS. Finally, included in the team (though a bit unknown) is Colby Adams, current media relations director for Dr. Albert Mohler.
  2. Complementarianism is something the church should continue thinking about. I’ve been reminded of this over the course of the last few weeks. One helpful discussion between complementarians of different persuasions is found here, between Andrew Wilson, Matt Anderson, and Alastair Roberts.
  3. Jonathan Parnell, one of the pastors at Cities Church in Minneapolis, has tried to lay some helpful foundations when it comes to manhood and womanhood.
  4. Jason Meyer, the pastor for preaching and vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church, has lamented Jonathan Edwards and his support of slavery.

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