An Introduction to Christian Ethics: Wayne Grudem

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 4.32.37 PM

I’ve always found Wayne Grudem to write on any subject in an orderly fashion, soaked in the Bible, and (often) persuasively presented. In preparation to teach through an introduction to Christian ethics, I’m surveying several works. Here is the list so far:

So far, I’ve enjoyed listening to the book by Scott Rae, reading the introductory material of the Feinberg’s, and skimming McQuilkin.

Today, however, I began looking through the Grudem edition and reading his preface. As with his books Systematic Theology and Politics, this volume is well organized and should do a great job of introducing the various issues involved when it comes to making moral choices. If you’re looking for an introduction to thinking Christianly about the choices we face in this present age, Grudem’s work looks promising (though the jury is out given I have not yet worked through the material).

Here are some screenshots of the table of contents.





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