Good word by an 86 yr old pastor…

This conversation was between the aforementioned 86 yr old pastor and Pastor Mark Driscoll.  Here is the brief, but important word this man had to say:

I was recently visiting a friend who pastors another church and he introduced me to an older pastor who has encouraged him for many years. This eighty-six-year-old preacher had lots of gas still in his tank, and speculated out loud whether he thought he could take me at racquetball. He was a genuinely happy man filled with joy and still dreaming new dreams for ministry.

At one point in our brief conversation, I asked him what the “secret” was to his lifelong ministry, good health, and joy.

Of course, the old preacher rattled off three points:

  1. “Read the Bible every day.” I asked him how many times he had read the Bible, and he said he was finishing up his 358th reading of the entire Bible!
  2. “Mumble prayers throughout the day.” He explained that it is vital to pray in the morning to connect with God and confess sin, but that we also need to mumble prayers throughout the day, talking to God about everything.
  3. “Refuse to have any enemies.” He said that if you choose to forgive everyone of all their sins, then no matter who or what is against you, your heart will not become hard and bitter because you treat everyone like a friend.

Which one is most convicting for you? Me? Easily number 3.

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