Southern Baptists and Nashville…

Monumental things are happening within the Southern Baptist Convention.  Most recently the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force is preparing to present their findings to the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Justin Taylor gives the highlights, while Douglas Baker (Executive Editor of The Baptist Messenger) gives the full-story. 

As you’re reading this (if you still are) you might be wondering how this has any relevance to you in your life?  Let me put it plainly – if you have ever wondered how you or the church you attend could be a better steward of investing every dollar the Lord graciously gives you to influence people for the kingdom of Jesus Christ, then the GCR (Great Commission Resurgence) is certainly relevant to you.  Without going into a myriad of details, the bottom-line of the Great Commission Resurgence is stewardship and from what we’re finding out we can do a lot better.

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