Awesome video about God’s grace in the midst of trials.

Watch and reflect on your own life concerning the fact that even amid trials (some quite severe as you’ll see in this video) Christ Jesus is our rock.  Their story is a great reminder NOT that my life is easier than their’s (though it is) BUT that everything that comes into our lives is a tool that God uses to (1) bring us into conformity to His Son (if that’s His good and sovereign plan why do we rail against it so often) and (2) points us to the undeniable reality that we were made to live in weekly, daily, hourly, minutely, and secondly, wholehearted dependence upon Christ.  Without Him and His steadfast, covenant love, and His ever-flowing supply of grace and mercy I cannot be who I need to be and will never be.  But thanks be to Christ Jesus that in looking to Him and trusting in Him that my life is no longer marred by an individual who incessantly fails at following Jesus BUT God sees the perfection of Jesus in my life and counts me as a Son!  What grace!  What mercy! 

Blessed be the name of the Lord God most high!

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