Does the Church encourage spiritual parenting?

The title of this post was Eric Bancroft’s (Castleview Baptist Church) breakout session at the Indiana Shepherd’s Conference in which he discussed reproduction (spiritual parenting), particularly among men.  Here are some of the main-points of his session.

Expectations:  (1) All Christians are disciples.  All disciples are Christians.  There is no dichotomy between the two. (2) Relational/personal discipleship is normative.  (3) Men lead the church.

Three features of Pauline ministry concerning discipleship:  (1) When you disciple you disciple with information.  (2) When you disciple expect imitation.  (3) When you disciple, disciple with maturation in view.

Additional comments on how to do this:  (1) Theological instruction. (2) Leadership opportunities.  (3) Expectations of somebody else.  (4) Start a pastoral ministry intern experience.

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