{New Post} Boston and Holiness

It’s been over two weeks since the bombing in Boston so most people’s thoughts, unfortunately, have moved on to other things; such is the nature of our culture and lives. However, we need to be intentional about understanding and being able to explain why things like this happen and how to rightly respond to events such as the one in Boston. To that end, here are a couple helpful articles on Boston that I’ve come across:

This first link is from the CCEF website (Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) and is written by Ed Welch (biblical counselor and author).

This link is from Desiring God that came out the day of the bombing and this link is a recent discussion on Gosnell (abortion doctor in Philadelphia), as well as Boston.

Additionally, I wanted to share a link regarding DeYoung’s book The Hole in our Holiness, which the men at Oak Park are reading through together, as well as one paragraph from his book.

Here is a youtube video explaining the book, which may be a good “selling point” for you to actually read the book.  and here’s one  quote from the book that was profound and spot-on in terms of the motivation and reason for pursuing holiness:

The gospel aids our pursuit of holiness by telling us the truth about who we are. Certain sins become more difficult when we understand our new position in Christ. If we are heirs to the whole world, why should we envy? If we are God’s treasured possession, why be jealous? If God is our Father, why be afraid? If we are dead to sin, why live in it? If we’ve been raised with Christ, why continue in our old sinful ways? If we are seated in the heavenly places, why act like the devil of hell? If we are loved with an everlasting love, why are we trying to prove our worth to the world? If Christ is all in all, why am I so preoccupied with myself? (84).


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