{New Post} Mistakes Leaders Make

Several weeks ago I finished Mistakes Leaders Make by Dave Kraft.  It was a short, easy read with several helpful principles that leaders tend to make.  His list involves mistakes that oftentimes go unaddressed which is unfortunate because they can have serious consequences, to the pastor and church or both. Read through the following list and see where you stand on each of these mistakes that leaders make:

  1. Allowing ministry to replace Jesus
  2. Allowing comparing to replace contentment
  3. Allowing pride to replace humility
  4. Allowing pleasing people to replace pleasing God
  5. Allowing busyness to replace visioning
  6. Allowing financial frugality to replace fearless faith
  7. Allowing artificial harmony to replace difficult conflict
  8. Allowing perennially hurting people to replace potential hungry leaders
  9. Allowing formation to replace transformation
  10. Allowing control to replace trust

For a list of helpful blog posts and resources that Dave Kraft has written you can go here.

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