What did Jesus’ evangelism look like?


Jesus’ evangelism involved two aspects:

  1. Content – the details of the good news
  2. Incarnational approach – living life with and among people

John 1:14 – the word of God became flesh and dwelt among us. The word “dwelt” is an Aramaic term, which is translated “pitching one’s tent.” The imagery is that we have a Savior, who did not merely come down and speak a couple truths here and there and pointed them to Himself every now and then BUT He stepped out of heaven and came and lived with us for 33 years. He pitched His tent in our world.

What does that mean for Christians?

  • Christians are called to “pitch our tent” significantly into the lives of non-Christians for the purpose of not only verbalizing the Gospel (Romans 10) but also living our lives before them.
  • Jesus goes to a wedding feast. He stayed up late to talk to Nicodemus. He went where no self-respecting Jew would have gone. He hung out with the poor, the sick, the tax collectors, prostitutes, etc. and there’s a strong possibility He probably would not have been hanging out with you…


3 thoughts on “What did Jesus’ evangelism look like?

    • Chris, thanks for your comment my friend. I agree, failing to use words = failing to share the gospel. Paul made this abundantly clear in Romans 10 and yet for a lot of Christians, their lives many times undermine the message rather than undergird the message.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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