Crucial Confrontations: Ever had one of those?

crucial confrontations

I’ve been perusing through a book that I read several years ago called “Crucial Confrontations: Tools for resolving broken promises, violated expectations, and bad behavior” and I wanted to write a couple words about some statements made in this book, as well as some personal thoughts on the issue.

By “crucial confrontations” the author means face to face conversations that individuals need to have for the purposes of keeping them accountable.  How many of us have had those types of conversations?

In my mental preparation for such a conversation I think and meditate on what Paul says in Galatians 6:1-2. Paul says, (1) be spiritual, (2) be gentle, and (3) evaluate your own life. This passage has tremendously helped me over the years in evaluating whether or not I’m in the right “spirit” or frame of mind to confront someone, as well as whether or not my motives are pure; because the truth is, sometimes I want to take justice into my own hands, which is a position that is God’s alone and not mine to take.

If you’re like me broken promises happen all the time; people exemplify bad behavior in front of you or someone you work with or someone working for you isn’t meeting your expectations and you’ve probably sat wondering, “what am I supposed to do?”  For me, the answer has typically been, “you need to confront the situation.”  But a lot of times I cower from doing so because, well, no one likes someone who “rocks the boat.”  And though I could write voluminously about this topic I won’t, but I will simple say three things then be done – promise.

  1. Confrontation is a necessity if you’re in the ministry.
  2. Confrontation is too many times ignored.
  3. Confrontation is never easy and shouldn’t be enjoyed.

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