The gospel brings perspective, creates hope and produces life


In 2 Corinthians 4:7-12 Paul tells us several truths about the gospel message that affect us at a heart-level. They are… 

  • The gospel brings perspective because when you come to an understanding that God set you apart, that you’re saved by Jesus’ merit, life NOT what you do, that He graciously allows you to be involved in His work, that He gave you the opportunities you have, that He gave you the talents, gifts, abilities you have, etc., God didn’t choose the wise man, the scribe, the impressive person, the intelligent person…WHEN you realize that you’re weak, you’re lowly, that you’re nothing without God—so much so that Paul likens our lives (the vehicle that God uses to carry the Gospel to the world)—as earthen pots or clay pots it brings perspective.

The gospel creates hope

  • It truly is the gospel that gives us hope in the midst of circumstances that we think from time-to-time are going take us down BUT the promise of God is that He’s not only with you, He’ll never allow anything to cross your path that He won’t give you the strength and grace necessary to endure it in such a way that God gives glory. When you’ve exerted all you can muster and it falls short, God’s power will carry you through. This is the truth that prevented Paul and should prevent us as well from thinking that we can do it all alone. You can’t. If you try, you’ll fail.

The gospel produces life

  • Paul lives out his new life in Christ by giving it and using it for others. He is no longer self-concerned or self-indulgent but self-emptying like Jesus. His missionary work will only result in more and more physical battering, but that physical affliction will result in more and more spiritual blessings for others.

Since the gospel helps us have a right perspective, creates hope in our hearts amid hardships and produces life in others as we walk through those hardships trusting in Jesus and telling others about Him, we should work to saturate our lives with this message by living accordingly and pressing into this treasure (2 Cor 4:7).

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