Good Leaders Teach And Model Optimism

Colin Powell Leadership


  1. Good leaders make optimism an organizational priority. The people in the organization where you serve/lead will become more optimistic if they 1) are informed and involved, 2) feel that they have the power and authority to take action and 3) are committed to a compelling direction and inspiring vision.
  2. Good leaders stoke the fires of optimism.
  3. Good leaders stay disciplined and in touch while pursuing extraordinary goals. Disciplined optimism means four things: 1) substantial, continuing investment in things like mission, people, details, looking below the surface, and challenging the pros, 2) fine-tuning your optimism in light of the situation, 3) pursuing a mission and goals that people truly believe are achievable and 4) tracking progress.
  4. Good leaders teach optimism. How do you handle difficulties, trails, setbacks, etc.? Part of the task is having a spirit of optimism in the face of adversity.
  5. Good leaders model optimism. Bottom-line: people in any organization look to their leaders for inspiration.

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