Here’s Some Principles To Employ When Sharing Your Faith


Here’s some background to Acts 26:1-32 which is the passage I’ll be drawing several principles from when sharing your faith:

Paul receives permission to speak from King Agrippa. He informs Agrippa and the rest of the audience that he counts himself fortunate to make his defense before the king, who is acquainted with the customs and controversies of the Jews. He identifies himself as a Jew who came to Jerusalem, who lived as a Pharisee, and who is accused by the Jews for believing in the teaching of the resurrection. He relates that he opposed the name of Jesus, oppressed the saints, went to numerous synagogues and hem punished, and traveled abroad to persecute them. Paul then recounts his conversion experience near Damascus, his appointment as servant and witness, and his commission to preach the gospel. He describes how he obeyed the heavenly voice, proclaimed the message of salvation, and was arrested by the Jews, who tried to kill him. Governor Festus interrupts Paul’s discourse and accuses Paul of being out of his mind. Paul denies that he is insane and asks Agrippa to affirm his faith in the writings of the prophets. Agrippa refuses to answer this personal question and adjourns the meeting. He comments that Paul could have been released had he not appealed to Caesar.

  1. Wait till an opportunity presents itself (verse 1): Often times we force the conversation rather wait till God clearly opens the door. I’m not advocating a posture of waiting that never actually verbalizes the gospel but rather a posture that is patient and trusting in God that he’ll open a door.
  2. Be complimentary to those you’re talking to (verses 2-3): How many times do Christians come across arrogant or condescending, in particular to those who hold opposing views. Seek to see God’s grace in their life and work hard at being complimentary.
  3. Share your conversion story (verses 4-23): This should be a given but for many Christians they can’t articulate the simple truths of the gospel in a systematic, clearly understandable manner. Practice sharing how you became a Christian and what impact and difference it has made in your life.
  4. Be persistent in your obedience (verses 19-20): Paul was not disobedient to the heavenly vision but kept pressing on; let us be steadfast in our calling to take the gospel to lost individuals.
  5. Be willing to endure rejection (verse 24): Clearly King Agrippa thought Paul was crazy and foolish. If you’re obedient in sharing your faith you’ll certainly be the recipient of slander and rejection. Be prepared.
  6. Respond respectfully to those you’re in conversation with (verses 25-26): This is similar to point 2 but work hard at exuding a respectful tone and disposition. This goes such a long way when talking to people who aren’t Christians.
  7. Be personal (Paul routinely used King Agrippa’s name): Don’t be mechanistic in your interaction with people but seek to be personal.
  8. Exemplify a deep commitment to people (verses 28-29): Reread Paul’s words in verses 28-29. Did you do it?!? Paul said short or long I’m hopeful that you King Agrippa will become a Christian. Let’s not write people off after an initial rejection but be committed to walking alongside them and continually pointing them to Jesus.

What else would you add?

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