Three Ways You Should “View” Pornography


Challies in Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick Of Porn outlines three ways married men need to “view” pornography:

  1. They need to see it as mocking God’s plan for sex.  Sex is meant to be an act that fosters unity between husband and wife, whereas pornography advocates anything but “body-to-body, soul-to-soul contact” (18).
  2. Pornography is violent. Pornography “is inherently violent, inherently unloving. It is not about mutual love and caring and commitment, but about conquests and vanquishing” (19).
  3. Pornography is progressive. This is perhaps the most scary characteristic of pornography of all as well as sin in general; sin always wants more and never fully satisfies the individual. Sin, as Challies writes, “will always demand more of you. And meanwhile, as you have been more or less certain that you’ve been controlling your sin, it has actually been controlling you. Subtly, unrelentingly, it has reshaped your mind and your heart in very real ways” (21).

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