1st quarter reading list

Truman quote about readers
This year I’m going to be much more intentional with my time and one way I’m doing that is planning out my reading list 3 months in advance. Here’s what I’ve selected for January – March:
January 2016
  1. Generational IQ (helping me think through making decisions in the church that has, for the first time in history, 5 generations [builders, traditionalists, boomers, Gen X, and Millennials])
  2. Steve Jobs (part of a mentoring group/leadership)
  3. Life in Community (helping me think about community more biblically)
  4. Show them Jesus (helping me teach/show my kids Jesus more effectively)
  5. Saving Eutychus (helping me become a better preacher)
February 2016
  1. Can I really trust the Bible? (becoming more familiar with all of the ins-and-outs of why we should trust the Bible)
  2. The Pastor and Counseling (giving me a refresher on why pastors need to counsel)
  3. Uprooting Anger (helping me in an area where I’ve struggled)
  4. Conversational Evangelism (helping me become more conversant/skilled in starting and maintaining evangelistic conversations)

March 2016

  1. The painful side of leadership (our Student Pastor referred this to me and I always try to read something on leadership)
  2. What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality? (helping me become more knowledgeable about this important/pressing issue of our day)
  3. If I’m A Christian, WHY Am I Depressed? (many people around me struggle with depression so I want to become more skilled/pastoral in how to help)
  4. The Four Loves (one of CS Lewis’ great and I’m embarrassed that I haven’t read it!)

Any recommendations for April-May-June? Leave a title of a book and I’ll follow up. Thanks for reading.

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