6 reasons why you should normally preach expositorily from Timothy Keller

Keller Preaching

  1. The primary reason is that it expresses our belief in the whole Bible as God’s authoritative, living, and active Word.
  2. It makes it easier for the church to recognize that the authority rests not in the speaker’s opinions or reasoning but in God and his revelation through the text itself.
  3. It enables God (not you) to set the agenda for the Christian community you serve.
  4. It also lets the text set the agenda for the preacher, rather than the preacher setting the agenda.
  5. It teaches the people you serve week-in-and-week-out how to read their own Bibles and how to think through a passage and figure it out.
  6. It should lead the preacher and his audience to see ever more clearly the the one main biblical them, which Keller contends is the good news of Jesus.

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