January – March 2017 Reading Schedule

Over the past several years I’ve tried to be more intentional in thinking through the books I read.  You might be asking, “for what purpose?” Plain and simple, it helps me be a better a leader, which in turn influences me as a husband, dad and pastor. You’ve heard the axiom: leaders are readers. And it’s certainly been true with the leaders that God has brought into my life; they read and they read a lot.
Below are the titles I’m taking a stab at over the next three months.
  • Scandalous Freedom
    • Recommended by my friend Joe Leavell, a biblical counselor who serves at Biblical Counselors of Arizona. I already started reading this and it is fantastic.
  • The Story of Christian Theology 
    • Reading through this with my dear friend Jonathon Woodyard. His recommendation and if he recommended it will be 1) robust, 2) challenging and 3) good for my soul.
  • Why am I depressed if I’m a Christian?
    • Depression is rampant in and out of the church. I want to understand this ailment and struggle more so I can better serve the people I shepherd in pointing them to the One who is our Hope.
  • Growing Up: How to be a disciple-making disciple
    • Reading through this book (Jan-Feb) with about 25 men in the church where I serve as a pastor. This book walks through some of the basic tools in being a Christian who reproduces him/herself in the life of another Christian.
  • Making Sense of God 
    • In an increasingly irreligious and biblically ignorant culture I want to be more gracious and skilled in interacting with people who don’t believe in God or simply have questions.
  • No Ordinary Marriage
    • Written by Tim Savage, the Senior Pastor at Camelback Bible Church, who facilitated a marriage conference in 2016 for several pastors/wives  (which was great!) and most of his content came from this book. Plus, I want to grow in my role/responsibility of a husband to my bride.
  • The Imperfect Pastor
    • I struggle with fear of man, being performance-oriented and a whole host of other issues! I’m reading through this with Carney Lucas, who is a friend and pastor up in Washington state, who also grew up at the church where I now pastor.
  • Growing Up: How to be a disciple-making disciple.
    • I’m reading the second half of this book, alongside 25 other men in the church
  • Leading Change
    • I’m a firm believer if more pastors read books on leadership we’d have healthier churches. Of course I’m not advocating that to the neglect of theology but if more pastors were more skilled in leading people our churches would benefit greatly.
  • Thriving in Babylon
    • This was recommended by my good friend Noah Oldham concerning the issues going on in our day and how to respond to them.
  • Honest Evangelism
    • I want to become a better more faithful evangelist to my neighbors, friends, family members and “random” encounters. To that end, I’m reading this short book.
  • What is the Gospel? 
    • 25 men in our church are going to read this book starting in March and I’m going to reread this book. This is a excellent resource to put into the hands of new Christians are individuals wanting to understand what the good news of Jesus.

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