Meet our Young Adult Pastor candidate!


Our church has been in a discussion for many months about bringing someone to Foothills to help our pastoral team reach and serve a younger demographic. We are thrilled that on February 12th Cody Bishop will be preaching “in view of a call” to serve as Foothills’ Young Adult Pastor. He’ll preach in both the 9:00 and 10:45 service and at the end of each service our members will “cast a ballot” where they’ll vote to affirm Cody as our Young Adult Pastor.

In the below document you’ll find details about Cody, his education, experiences and statements from individuals on the Search Team and references, as well as details about his bride’s life (Kristian). We’re excited about the Bishop’s being here with us and we’re anticipating a great day on February 12!

You access that document here.

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