Ron Edmondson on “10 Prayers Every Wife Should Pray For Her Husband”

Ron is constantly pumping out great, biblical content — this is simple and yet, if taken seriously could be a game-changer for husbands, wives and consequently, their marriage.

Thank you Ron!

Dear Lord,

  1. Please help him to learn and manage healthy balance – between work, family, and play.
  2. Allow him to know his full potential and how much his family believes in him.
  3. Give him confidence in his God-given abilities.
  4. Soften his heart to appreciate and enjoy the things which please you most.
  5. Remove guilt from his life and let him rest in the sufficiency of your grace extended to him.
  6. Give him meaningful friendships with other men who will challenge, encourage, and hold him accountable.
  7. Grant him wisdom to know Your will so he may lead his family and life well.
  8. Supply him with God-given courage to face the challenges which come our way with strength and boldness.
  9. Help him to slow down, enjoy life, and appreciate the little things, which are often proven someday to be the big things.
  10. Grow his love for You and his family daily. Keep him as the apple of your eye.

In Jesus name,


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