Choose your inner circle wisely.


Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

Who you choose and allow into your inner circle will determine who effective your leadership is. These people will either multiple or minimize your effectiveness. Choosing lieutenants unwisely can cripple your ministry. Poor lieutenants can undermine a leader in so many different ways it’s almost staggering. But the value of a great inner circle is hard to quantify. A great group of lieutenants makes everything better.

Here’s five ways your inner circle impacts your leadership:

  1. They filter you. You can’t talk with everyone about every decision. It’s not possible. You need people close to you who can help you clarify and rethink a point, perspective or position. You also need people to challenge you.
  2. They represent you. Filtering comes first and then representing comes second. Good filtering will increase the likelihood of good representation.
  3. They counsel you. Good leaders will lean in on the wisdom and knowledge of an inner circle. They’ll help you avoid leader blunders and maximize effectiveness.
  4. They focus you. A helpful inner circle will encourage you to focus on your role and strengths.
  5. They support you. A good inner circle will love and honor you and desire what’s best for you.

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