Worth a Look Wednesday


Every Wednesday we suggest a few articles that haven’t wasted our time.

Hope these links are helpful.

John Piper stirs the pot—In an Ask Pastor John podcast, Piper says he doesn’t think females should serve as seminary professors. We don’t necessarily endorse his view (I’m inclined to disagree with my Chancellor), but he raises interesting questions.

You Don’t Have to Be an Alpha Male to Plant a Church—helpful reminder by Tony Merida about the biblical qualifications for pastoral ministry, particularly church planting.

A Year of Biblical Womanhood—this is a throwback to 2012. Sadly, I continue to see Rachel Held Evans (RHE), a liberal Protestant, tweeting and writing and speaking. This week I looked up Kathy Keller’s review of RHE’s book and was convinced yet again that this critique lands a serious blow.



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