Worth a Look Wednesday


The Secret Small Churches Know Best – Witmer gives sound, insightful analysis and encouragement to those serving in small churches. I found myself being exposed and encouraged as I read. A key line: “Yes, prayerfully improve what we can. Yes, plead with God for conversions. And then receive – as a gift from God – the manifest weakness of our small church in a small place.”

Leadership Development: Action You Can Take When No One is Ready – Sound leadership advice from a proven leader, Mac Lake. This is often an issue that pastors face in small churches.

Reasons Why Younger Christians Should Attend the Funeral Service of Older Christians – Have you ever noticed that funerals for older people, even older Christians, mostly have older people in them, save some younger family members of the deceased? Here is some sound, godly counsel.

Garret Kell and Stephen Furtick – This is an excellent example of how a godly man charitably critiques a sermon with which he disagrees. I was recently with some men in our church at a conference where we had a sharp disagreement with one of the speakers and this is a helpful guide in structuring how we approach such disagreements.


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