Worth a Look Wednesday


Every Wednesday we suggest a few articles that haven’t wasted our time.

Hope these links are helpful.

Preacher’s Toolkit: How Do I Teach Difficult Doctrines without Splitting the Church? Hershael York offers wisdom for preachers dealing with tough topics.

20 Quotes from Mark Dever on Church Leadership. Dever has led the way in thinking about the doctrine of the church. When he talks about the church, in any form, it’s worth noting.

Helping Men Kill Lust. Listen to Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock talk about putting to death lustful thoughts.

Max Lucado, Beth Moore, and Hundreds of Evangelicals Call for Immigration Reform … Again. This is an important issue. Immigration reform is something Christians should care deeply about as we seek to love God and love our neighbor. At the same time, when I see a list like this, I’m continually intrigued by who falls under the “evangelical” umbrella.

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