5 behaviors I wish I did every week (not just leading up to Easter)


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

  1. Pray. Sure, I pray every week but there is more intensity and frequency in my prayer life leading up to Easter. And I pray with more expectancy, too.
  2. Invite liberally. I don’t know how many people I invited to our services at Easter, but I’m certain it was more than what I typically do. I wonder how many people would have attended in weeks past if I was as generous in my invitations every week like I am the weeks leading up to Easter?
  3. Be courageous. The reality of the Jesus’ resurrection propels me forward courageously. D. A. Carson said, “the entire Bible pivots on one event that happened in Jerusalem about two thousand years ago.” In the everyday rhythms of my life, I wish courage described my interactions. All too often it doesn’t.
  4. Expect God to work. Without fail, I woke up this past Sunday morning anticipatory that someone might find new life in Jesus as the Spirit shows him or her the truth of the gospel. This is present from week-to-week but again, not with the intensity as it should be.
  5. Use the space God has given me. The Bible tells us that Jesus is our refuge. This means that our home isn’t. It doesn’t mean you can’t find solace and rest in your home, but ultimately we find that in Jesus. Therefore, our homes should not be a place where we retreat from the world but rather, should be a place we use to engage with the world.

If you were to make your own list what would be on it?

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