Worth a Look: We all know they are killing babies; Matt Chandler on abortion; VA legislator with horrific proposals


A couple Sunday’s ago we celebrated Sanctity of Life Sunday. Since then, there have been several debates I’ve witnessed about abortion and there has been at least one wicked, evil, and unconscionable proposal set forth at high levels of government. This world is confused. No, these are evil days (Eph 5:15–16).

Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission hates Sanctity of Life Sunday. But the reason he hates it is not because he hates life. He writes, “I hate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday because I’m reminded that we have to say things to one another that human beings shouldn’t have to say. Mothers shouldn’t kill their children. Fathers shouldn’t abandon their babies. No human life is worthless, regardless of skin color, age, disability, economic status. The very fact that these things must be proclaimed is a reminder of the horrors of this present darkness.” Read the rest here.

He is right. We do “have to say things.” Millions are dying. They have no voice. These little ones truly are the least of these. Sanctity of life is about more than abortion, but not less.

Here are some things that we think are worth a look as we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  1. We Know They Are Killing Children—from the archives at Desiring God, but unfortunately, still needed. Piper is prophetic.
  2. Matt Chandler goes off on abortion.
  3. It is hard to watch Kathy Tran, a Democrat in Virginia, propose a bill that would make late third-trimester abortions. This is evil. Nothing less. But we should watch, weep, and wake up.

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