My weekly mtg w/my bride…


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There have been too many weeks and months go by where intentionality seemed like a pipe-dream. My places of service in years past (and where I currently serve) have required that I think weeks and month ahead and work diligently towards being organized. For whatever reason, that same intentionality has been flagrantly absent at times in our family. That responsibility falls with me.

So, I ramped it up. I read some books, enlisted some individuals to speak into my life, shared about successes and failures, and simply sought to be more organized. But lest (did I just use the word lest?!?) you and I think the solution to our problem is to muster up a more concerted fortitude of will, we need to be reminded that the good news of Jesus ushers us not only from life to death (praise God) but also to be an individual who makes the most of our days, for the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16). To that end, here’s a fantastic book that has helped me immensely on how the gospel shapes how you get things done and to which I’ll reference in subsequent blog posts the month of February:  find it here.

Below is the weekly budget, calendar, and convo time I have with my bride.

  • Our attempt is to 1x/week carve out about 90 minutes where we walk through our family’s calendar. We review my work-schedule, plan daddy-daughter dates, daddy-son hangouts (ain’t calling em dates), when Lauren gets out of the house for some alone time, and plan get-togethers w/friends and family. Currently, we know what our schedule looks like for about a month or so.
  • We also review, update, and discuss our budget. We use It’s accessible and very helpful. Additionally, we discuss upcoming larger expenditures and it almost always is a time of accountability where we seek to discipline our lives to be more financially responsible.
  • During this time we’ve started incorporating some content that will help us as a married couple. We’re reading 20 pages/week of Tim and Kathy Keller’s book, The Meaning of Marriage. This has us completing the book around April. In the past, we’ve been much too ambitious with reading together. This is very much doable and doesn’t serve as a weekly burden; it’s a time where I can pour into my bride and she can pour into me.

We have noticed that time-and-time again that 1) life is crazy busy and 2) without a plan our life will spin into chaos, inefficiency, and a lack of intentionality with another and with the kids/gifts that God has given to us. Some weeks we rock it and others weeks we’re total failures but we’re seeking, by God’s grace, to be more intentional with each other and the time and money God has given to us.

I hope that helps. In the following post that I (Nate) will write I’ll share about what we do as a family for family devotions. But set your expectations really low — it is nothing profound!

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