Power apart from God’s purposes is always demonic – Mark Dever


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I’m utterly convinced that if pastors spent more time reading about biblical, effective leadership and spent the hard-work of ascertaining their leadership strengths and weaknesses rather than hours pouring over theological writings we would have many more healthy churches. Right now you might be tempted to think I’m discounting or trivializing theology. I’m not. You and I need both. My point is that a lot of pastors I interact with are theologically astute and can handle the Bible well but when it comes to leadership effectiveness and capacity many brothers are sorely lacking. In fact, I think the underlying issue in the vast majority of churches that are stagnant or declining is incompetent or ineffective leadership. 

That being said, here are some short articles I wanted to pass on concerning leadership. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. How would you define leadership? Michael Kelley over at For The Church writes, “leadership is the joyful acceptance of responsibility at a given moment.” Read the rest of the article here
  2. Here are 20 quotes from Mark Dever on leadership. 
  3. How do you know if church leaders aren’t really leading? Read these 9 characteristics from Dr. Lawless here.


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