Shelter your kids from the world? Nah, not helpful. Why?

Give Them Grace

  • Your children will eventually grow up and become self-governing individuals
  • The gospel tells us that evil does not have its origin solely from outside us but rather comes from inside us
  • The gospel teaches us that God has called us to minister to our media-saturated culture.

Questions that can ask yourself as you seek to discern wisdom about exposure to media:

  • Does this media outlet have any redeeming value to it? In other words, is there any way that we can use it to illustrate the one good story? Are the great themes of the gospel apparent (even though it may not be a “Christian” production)?
  • Are our children unduly influenced by this movie or program? Do they mimic inappropriate words or phrases after spending time interacting with it?
  • Are our children able to articulate what is lacking in this video or song? Do they see how it is contrary to the gospel?
  • What is your child’s attitude when he’s denied access to this program? Has it become an idol in his heart, a god that promises him/her happiness?
  • Are you being ruled by fear of what might happen if your child watches or listens to this program or album?

Taken from Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus 

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