If you’re a leader shouldn’t you know what season you’re in?


Bill Hybels in his book Axiom has some very insightful and wise thoughts regarding the seasons organizations go through. For my context, the organization is the church. Here’s his breakdown:

  1. Season of growth. In this season everything is going well, attendance is spiking, giving is on the rise and the future looks bright.
  2. Season of consolidation. This typically follows a season of growth and deals with assimilating and supporting people who showed up during the growth.
  3. Season of transition. This season involves any/all of the following: staff members leaving, church member issues, downturn in the economy, major catastrophe in the community.
  4. Season of malaise. In this season things look somber, stale and there’s seem to be a posture of being “stuck.”
  5. Season of reinvention. This is where a leader announces its time to put everything on the table and evaluate all ministries and ascertain whether there needs to be surgery or simple face-lift.

What season are you in?


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