Bill Hybels on ministry disappointments and successes


Bill Hybels has a really powerful word on the relationship between pastor/shepherd and the sheep and explains how we must not lead with a domineering spirit.

Throughout my entire ministry, one thing has almost always been true: If I communicate the right mission at the right time of the year in the right way and with the right motivation behind it, the sheep do not disappoint. When I take pains to run down a list of appropriate questions on the front end, I set my sheep up for effective cooperation. Questions like, Is this a good plan? Is it in step with the vision of our church? Have I warmed up this value recently with effective teaching from Scripture? Are my expectations of people reasonable? Have I chosen the right night of the week? Have I communicated effectively? Have I prayed fervently?

In contrast, he says…

When I run down that list on the heels of ministry disappointment, I nearly always discover that it wasn’t the sheep’s fault – at least not entirely. I find that my idea was ill-conceived or badly times or poorly promoted or not prayed through with fervency. And I realize that instead of reaching for the Shepherd’s stick some Sunday morning, I must take organizational responsibility instead.

The role of the pastor is multifaceted and one indispensable way we lead is to communicate effectively, clearly and regularly ask evaluating questions and certainly pray with steadfastness.

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