8 Leadership Factors For Pastoral Ministry

pastoral leadership

These 8 descriptions of leadership factors for pastoral ministry are pure gold from Dave Harvey. However, I don’t subscribe to a belief that a pastor or any other leader in the church has to embrace all of these but 1) they should certainly possess some of them and 2) that same leader, if they’re competent and emotionally self-aware knows they have deficiencies and should work to cover their weaknesses by bringing other competent people around them.

  • The “preaching-as-leading” factor: you can establish a preaching diet for the church that sets direction and feeds souls.
  • The “follow him” factor: people talk about the impact you have on their lives. Other gifted people want to glean from your life.
  • The “make it happen” factor: when you see a need or problem, you think solutions and action.
  • The “can you see it” factor: you can see the big picture and have confidence for the future. And when you talk to other people, they see it too.
  • The “order from chaos” factor: you understand the value of planning, organization, and efficiency. Your life doesn’t look like an unmade bed.
  • The “mobilize the troops” factor: you know the best way to have impact is not to do it all yourself. You love to put people in places where they can be effective and fruitful.
  • The “learn to lead” factor: you’re not content with what you know. You study in order to grow in understanding.
  • The “godly ambition” factor: you’re not interested in settling in or shrinking back from challenges. You want to do all you can for the advance of the kingdom of God.


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