5 Reasons Why Millennials Don’t Come To Church

generational iq

“If we are going to help Millennials to come or come back to church, we need to understand why the Millennials don’t come now. Here are five reasons.”

  1. Millennials have less patience with institutions. Millennials don’t trust institutions – that includes the church.
  2. Millennials are less likely to be married. Single people are less likely to attend church than they were in previous generations.
  3. Millennials are waiting longer to have kids. Marriage and children bring people to church. #2 and #3 translate to fewer people transitioning to church.
  4. Millennials think Christians are too judgmental. M’s think it’s simply wrong to impose morality on another person.
  5. Millennials are turned off by Christians in politics. Christians need to be about growing the Kingdom of God rather than “Restoring a Christian America.

For a thorough explanation for each of these reasons see Haydn Shaw’s book Generational IQ pages 188-195.

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