3 thoughts on “Good word from Dr. York on “5 Rookie Pastor Mistakes”

  1. The second one was my biggest downfall. I despised the culture of the church I pastored. It made absolutely no sense to me. Because of that, it created tension. I often question if it is not better for a church to call someone local rather than someone from another part of the state or a different state altogether. My family was also shaking their heads because we had never operated the way they did. I’m at the point now that I would not consider a church that is as vastly different as the one I pastored. I would love to hear some other thoughts on this.

    • Matthew, good word my friend; church culture can be glorious or brutal. I’ve served in both extremes and I’m deeply grateful for the place I serve now. Would love to dialogue more about this in the future if you see fit my friend.


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